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When my wife started CrossFit, it was with the encouragement of her good friend and fellow soccer player, Marilee Lake. So it was only appropriate that she was among the first group of coaches I had during my own journey too! And she has been a big part of my whole family’s CrossFit journey ever since.

Lee was kind enough to answer a few questions about her own CrossFit experience…

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a part-time CrossFit coach and stay at home mom. I have a degree in Sports Management and have worked in the fitness industry for 5 years now. Outside of CrossFit I love to play soccer, hike, and volunteer with Street Petz.

Editor’s Note: Street Petz is the non-profit organization my wife helps run down here in Colorado Springs. They support the pets of the homeless by providing food, supplies, and some basic vaccines through the generous support of local folks like Lee. My garage looks suspiciously like a pet store at times, but I know the folks Street Petz supports appreciate everything my wife, Lee, and the rest of the volunteers do for them. Check out this awesome article at the Colorado Springs Independent for more about what they do!

Q: What brought you to CrossFit as an athlete?

CrossFit gave me physical and mental challenges just like when I was a college athlete. As I became part of a box, I was on a team again.


Q: Why did you become a trainer?

When picking a career, I knew helping people was my main goal. I started off as a personal trainer. CrossFit just provided me the tools to truly change people lives.

Q: What is your main focus or goal as a trainer?

My main goal as a trainer is to make sure that someone is reaching their fitness goals and creating a healthy lifestyle.

Q: If you could start over as a crossfitter, what would trainer-you tell athlete-you?

More mobility! I would of focused more on the efficiency and technique of the movements rather then just weight and checking something off the list.


Q: What’s your favorite piece of equipment at the box?

A barbell never lies.

Q: Where do you train? And where do you coach?

I train and coach at CrossFit 719 in Colorado Springs, CO.

Q: What do you think is the secret to CrossFit’s crazy success and growth?

It works for so many different types of people. You can see young and old doing the same WOD with different modifications. CrossFit also builds confidence and mental strength that can really help outside the box (gym).

Q: Who is your favorite CrossFit athlete and why?

I don’t have a true favorite. When I am competing in a sport I don’t like to idolize others. Everyone has their own story and path to get to the top. I just hope I can write mine someday. If I had to pick one, [I would pick] Annie Thorisdottir because she is always smiling like one of my favorite [Pittsburgh] Steelers’ player Hines Ward. You should be loving your sport that much.

Q: If you could ask your favorite crossfit athlete a question – what would it be?

How do find time for everything outside of CrossFit?

Q: What’s your favorite story from your time with CrossFit so far?

There are several stories, but one word explains them all Community. In my CrossFit career so far I have been a part of two boxes, and the family connection is amazing. I had so much support when Clara was born, during competitions, and even while I was the newbie in my current box.


Thanks Lee! I appreciate the time! I still need to come check out CrossFit 719 and your Oly Lifting class over the summer. 🙂


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