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I am not a gym owner, nor am I a trainer, but I am a writer and I have become a crossfit athlete over the last couple of years. Each day I work out at Crossfit Continuum I post to Facebook with my impressions of the WOD and I have a small blog where I’ve been writing about my own experiences moving from an overweight, out-of-shape computer geek to a less-overweight computer geek who can now deadlift, push press, and do handstand push-ups in his 40s.

Taken by Mike Anderson during Kiana’s WOD on February 17, 2015
Taken by Mike Anderson during Kiana’s WOD on February 17, 2015

But I am definitely not alone in this transformation. It happened with the help of dedicated trainers, other crossfit athletes, family, and friends at Crossfit Continuum here in Colorado Springs. And now I hope to share some of their stories as well as my own.

WOD Tales is here to start telling some of those other stories. My goal is to begin interviewing local box owners, trainers, and other athletes for articles and a potential podcast. My goal is to help share some of the stories from around the area of other folks who have been positively affected through contact with the great local crossfit community. Maybe down the line it grows to Denver or beyond, but I’d like to start here at home first.

The site I’m envisioning would include:

  • Articles about particular boxes, trainers, and athletes where they can tell their stories
  • Articles written by box owners and trainers about topics they feel passionate about
  • Short video interviews in the style of Barbell Shrugged where we get to see and hear from owners and trainers in a live setting
  • Searchable list of crossfit boxes in the area with links back to each home page and contact information
  • Dictionary of crossfit terms
  • And links to great crossfit resources

With time, I hope the site becomes a go-to resource for where to find info on local boxes, competitions, and stories that need to be told. Some of you are writers, itching to tell your own tales, but I suspect that many of you are daunted by the prospect of such an endeavor. I can assure you we’ll make it as pain free as possible. If you have a story or an article idea, I’m happy to listen and help with the writing part.

So bear with me as I get things started and let’s get this show on the road!

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